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One of those nights I am always looking forward to the weekend. Going out and talking to people, but I have picked up a bad habit of not examining the room and if I am not remotely remotely interested in the men. I turn off automatically.
I have high expectations of what I want in a man and most of the time they are not in fraternity parties. I am looking for a tall, muscular, in his mid to late twenties, dark hair, light eyes, fucking smart, hard working, bold, loves to dance, purpose in life, laughs, and fucking loves life!
And It seems to be a waste of time to talk to people if your not attracted to them. I mean if you think about it.
Men approach women they are attracted to because they dont believe in friendship with women and neither do I. When we make friends we are attracted to them at least one point of our life.
I am justified to walk into a party/event and not feel the need to talk to men. I will not be opposed to talking to anyone that approaches me, bc i enjoy talking to people, but going out of my way is just plain pointless and waste of my time and effort.
But then I begin to feel bad for having such high expectations from men, but after disappointment in my past relationship I think its the best way to do things. Another side nags me though why not just have fun and talk to people. I mean i love getting to know and learning something new about someone and today proved that.
I need to find a balance and a goal. Walk into a room not attracted ok, now i will just talk for the pleasure and nothing

My name is Jannate, (pronounced Jeanette) I am half Moroccan and half American. I currently reside in America. I am 20 years old, but in a few weeks that will change. 

I have attended the College of William and Mary for 2 years now and have finally found something I enjoy. Accounting! Ironically I only got into the minors program in their business school, so I went ahead and applied to schools. I am now conditionally accepted into FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY and I am really excited. 

But ofc I have a few hurdles before I get there. I am taking 2 online classes Managerial Accounting and some computer class. And boy is Managerial Accounting killing me slowly. In the end though I need a 3.0 out of the two classes…wish me luck.

I am so far away from Tallahassee that apartment hunting is a pain! And finding a roommate is even harder. 

if you have read all the way, Im glad :D 

this will be my place to escape from reality every once in awhile. And I hope you can be part of my journey.

Life changes so quickly. With time things that were uncovered become covered and those that were covered become uncovered. As I have been figuring out/ planning my life. I have realized life is a struggle for everyone, but with the support of those around you, EVERYTHING is better.

I have started evaluating my life and I am unsatisfied with the time I waste watching shows. And because of this starting today, I am going to use Tumblr as a way to keep track and journal my experiences of my life :D 

Lets hope I stick to it!

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